Johannes Beccer sculptures

Asking him today why he is doing sculptures he answered : „ Doing sculptures is all I can and I cannot do otherwise „.

„ Bauhaus, Futurism and Brutalism collide in french artist Johannes Beccer‘s Sculptures. The artist blurs the lines between preconceived norms and ideas replacing traditional fine art tropes with playfulness and subtile irony. Primitive, yet imaginative, the abtract forms are made from stone, vibrant pigment and welded steel. Each sculpture is one of a kind and be displayed individually or as a group.

Born in 1952 in Kempen, Germany Johannes started in 1971 studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where Joseph Beuys opened the University to all creatives even for gifted men and women without graduation. Already 1972 this project died and Joseph Beuys was thrown out of the university ( Demokratie ist lustig ! ) escorted by Johannes and his other students.

Johannes did an internship in pottery, spent time with Joe Finch in Scottland and did studies in Ceramic-Design till he got freelance artist. He lives and works in the south of France.

His sculptures are hommage to the human being, upright showing backbone.
Johannes believes in men not in God.

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